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About us

Mill & Moss knows we can all do better. We know we all want to do better. The big question is: where to start? We began by tackling the question: where do clothes come from? And where do they go after the trend cycle has consigned them to the bin? We set out to build a brand that exists on a longer timeline than the trend cycle, for people who are moving their lives to be more in tune with the Earth’s cycles. 

Our clothes are classics in an aesthetic sense: designed to be forever chic. They are also classic in the literal sense: designed to be forever part of the Earth's ecosystem. You can have a clean conscience when wear and tear have done their work and you're ready to move on. 


Mission statement

Mill & Moss is garnered from the ground. Every style you see on the street, starts with a seed in the soil. Our garments propose a new relationship between the wearer and the grower. The life cycle of a garment shouldn’t end in a landfill. It should be fertilizer for the future.

We unites everyone who shares in the soil. As a movement it brings together agricultural communities, conscious consumers, and regenerative production processes to heal our soil, our relationship to each other, and our relationship to the Earth.

Mill & Moss offers intelligently designed, responsibly made garments and accessories that contribute to restoring communities, the soil, and the planet.

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