Healing the Soil through Fashion

Who is Mill and Moss?

Who is Mill and Moss?

 Mill and Moss is a fiber first apparel company focused on creating classics. We believe the life cycle of a garment shouldn’t end in a landfill. We want to build a regenerative future that is equitable for all. Garnered from the ground, all our garments and accessories contribute to uniting people with the planet. We work exclusively within natural fiber systems. All textiles, dyes, stitching and elastics are completely natural, garnered straight from the ground. 

At Mill and Moss, we support and follow three tenets that contribute to better our brand, ourselves, and our environment.


We believe it’s important that you know all about where your clothing comes from. From the field to your closet, we are open to sharing every step of our sourcing, manufacturing, and processing. No one is perfect, but we are doing our best to grow and develop using the cleanest ingredients possible.


Our goal is to lead in the shift from open loop systems, to a closed loop cycle. We model after the Earth’s natural systems continually creating value within. Not only do our garments and accessories return to nature, but they provide nutrients that encourage growth.


Without the communities that work hard to help us create our collections, we wouldn’t be here. We strive to balance our commitments to our consumers and those who help us achieve them. In addition to giving back to the earth we give back to the communities that provide our resources.


Our Debut Collection

We are excited to be launching our debut collection to launch us on our natural fiber journey. We have 2 classic and versatile pieces to choose from.  Grab our Waste Me Not Scrunchie made from the excess materials from our Moss dress. And finally, our signature Moss Dress, a comfortable and elegant day dress. Invest in your closet and your future with timeless pieces that feel great in more ways than one!

 We strive to support local farmers, manufacturers, and ensure that all labor sources are ethically operated. In addition to promoting consciousness through our collections, we focus on connecting to nature through our blog.